Travel photography tips

In this post I will give some travel photography tips – how to take a better photo of nature and people while travelling. In recent years I have been able to develop in this field and become more professional .If in the past my pictures were static and staged, today they are much more dynamic, much more considerate of lighting, much more focused on the right object, and – I have also learned how to use the wind – the wind that blows in the hair of my children (who star In my pictures) is a great way to capture a moment that not only sees but also feels. For more tips, feel free to take a look at the following photos, which include some more explanations and tips.

For my photos I use a Nikon D-700 and few Nikon lenses. My favorite is a simple 18-200. This lens gives options for both wide angle images (which is the best for travel photography) and for more zoom images. See more images I have taken here.

צילומי טבע - עמק המונומנטA winning lighting = a winning image. Photographed in Monument Valley in southern Utah/Northern Arizona. This image was taken many years ago on slide film and scanned with a professional scanner to make it digital. Despite the advancement of digital cameras, the old film had features that are hard to match

צילומי טבע - חופי מפרץ מקסיקו בפלורידהThe canoe alone would not have given the same effect had it not been for the people walking behind it. A picture of nature that incorporates people in motion is usually a thousand times more interesting than one that is not. Photographed off the coast of Florida’s Hand Hand

לא רק צילומי טבע - גם אנשים. הרוח הנושבת בשערם של ילדייAlthough the landscape in this picture is not particularly spectacular, the angle, the wind and the movement make it a particularly successful picture in my eyes. Photographed in the Teddy Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota

צילומי טבע ביערות הרדוודPictures of empty roads always have a high potential for success. The Redwood Forest in northern California is very difficult to photograph, but if you add the road (which is also a place where a little light penetrates into the forest) the picture becomes much more interesting

צילומי אנשים חופש בנוואדהPictures of empty roads with a human walking on them (in this case my son Yuval who enjoys the endless freedom) are even bigger shots than pictures of roads without people. This picture was taken in state of Nevada, zero cars, a road to the horizon, and in all directions – a wild wilderness of amazing beauty

צילומי אנשים וטבע אגם אוהרהImagine this image with and without Omer (my son). Human presence makes images much more interesting in nature photography. Of course you should also make sure that the object (in this case Omer) will have red pants (or a red shirt). Red is a great color to liven up a picture (as well as yellow and orange), and before all my trips I pack the kids all their red, yellow and orange shirts and pants (and it’s not easy. I have three boys!). Photographed in Lake Ohara in Yoho National Park

קרוואן בזאיוןThanks to the special angle at which RV was photographed, I have earned quite a bit on this photo on the site where I sell my images. This is definitely not a picture to be too proud of, but it does have an interesting point of view that has made it popular and profitable

צילומי טבע גושואה טריThe moonrise is perfect to produce a special image. In this case I set up the tripod and waited… and the result speaks for itself. Photographed in the Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California. This is one of my favorite photos of all my nature photography photos

The tiny people (pay attention to the red shirt and the orange hat) give another dimension to the sandstone spires. Without them the picture would have been much less successful. This picture, by the way, was also taken with film and the slide was scanned. You can see qualities here that do not exist in digital. Photographed at the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument in Utah

A beach in Florida that ‘gave me’ one of my best pictures – the triangle the kids create as they walk, the wind in Rotem’s hair, Omer’s determined hand gestures (and his red pants sticking out), and Yuval completing the triangle – all make the picture much more interesting

The kids jump to the frozen waters of  Lake Superior was staged, but the Crocs sandals were photographed like this by chance. The result – one of my favorite pictures –

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