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From San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, through the mountain ranges that cross the west of the continent, to the red deserts between these ridges and Great Plains to their east, and towards the dense forests of the Atlantic coast – North America is a diverse, outstanding travel destination.

Join my journeys to the vast nature of North America – to the best hiking trails (many which are suitable for the whole family), to the most beautiful glacial lakes, to the tallest trees, to the best places to observe wildlife, and to the most scenic campsites. Join me and visit America in which you can stand in front of a landscape that has no end, and breath the wilderness deep into your lungs.

Of course this site has also information on planning a trip to the more urban areas of North America, with plenty of original and varied suggestions for spending time in it’s beautiful city and towns.

On this site I will try to assist you with planning your dream trip to North America (the USA and Canada). Here you will find all the information needed to plan a trip to this region: content articles, practical information, real time updates, and a Route Generator that will automatically provide you with customized route suggestions, suitable for your preferences.

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