Neta Degany's Travel Guide Maslulim

Hello, my name is Neta Degany

Ever since I can remember I loved travelling. As a child and as a teenager I lived in the USA, and the camping trips I made in it’s vast wilderness with my family will always be remembered as my best childhood experiences. Later, back in my home country of Israel I became a travel Guide and the Editor of ‘the Nature of Things magazine’ which was at that time Israel’s equivalent to National Geographic.

After finishing my BSc in Biology and Geology and my MSc in Marine Biology and Ecology I moved again from Israel to the USA, this time with my husband and as a mother of two young kids (the third was born there). There, in beautiful California I realized that although there are many printed tour guide books, there are very few guides that can actually assist in building a detailed itinerary.

One thing led to another and two years after moving to California (and about 700 weekend trips and few more longer holiday trips) I published my first book – I called it California-Maslulim (maslulim meaning in Hebrew – route or trail), and it was (and still is) based on detailed routes and itineraries. A year later I published my book Alaska-Maslulim and thereafter: West USA-Maslulim, West Canada-Maslulim, North East USA-Maslulim, East USA-Maslulim, South East USA-Maslulim, Florida-Maslulim, South West USA-Maslulim and East Canada-Maslulim.

Eventually, my Maslulim series became Israel’s best seller travel guide books to north America, and after covering most of this sub continent with these book I started working on a new book series – Zoom-In which includes 5 books focusing on the National Parks of the United States (which I have visited all but 2 in the Lower 48’s).

But, unfortunately the days of the print are soon to be over, and this challenge has brought me to move online – opening a Web site in Hebrew that combines all traveler needs in one place. Eventually I decided – “why not translate to English?” and here you are – my Maslulim America English version in which you can find content articles, practical information; real time updates, and a Route Generator that will automatically provide you with customized route suggestions, suitable for your preferences.

Bon Voyage, Neta Degany’s Travel Guide

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