Camping Gear Checklist

Camping Gear Checklist

most of this list is relevant for RV travelers as well

tent (preferably 3 seasons/rainproof)

stakes and hammer

tent footprint or tarp

warm sleeping bags

sleeping pads


flashlights, lanterns and/or head lamps (with batteries or fuel)

corkscrew or multi-tool

ropes/cords, clothespins



ice (can be purchased at any gas station or supermarket)

stove and gas/fuel

pot, pan

grill rack

cutting knife, chopping board

salad bowel

spatula, can and bottle opener, cutlery, plates and cups


food storage containers

aluminum foil

toilet paper, wipes, dish towel

garbage bags, re-sealable zipper storage bags

dish scrubber, dishwashing soap, laundry detergent (preferably biodegradable)

a large bowel (or wash bin or bucket) for dishwashing

matches, fire starter

duct tape

water bottles or jars

spices, coffee, tea

hammock, chairs

first and second aid kits

insect repellent, sunscreen, lip balm


warm clothing

board, card and ball games

for RV travelers – disposable gloves (for dumping sewage tanks)

large plastic boxes for organizing the gear in your car’s trunk

– when purchasing groceries for your camping trip do not forget to stock on: oil and olive oil, drinking (water, soda, wine and beers), canned food, cornflakes, snacks, bread, pasta, rice, milk, eggs, vegetables (do not forget onions and garlic, as well as potatoes/sweet potatoes for the fire), fruits and marshmallows and skewers.

– camping gear can be purchased at outdoors stores (such as REI), sport stores and department stores such as Walmart and Target. It is usually recommended to purchase gear that should be in a higher quality (such as tents and sleeping bags) in the outdoor or sport stores, while all the other gear can be purchased at the less expensive department stores

– for camping gear rental try REI rental (for circular routes only), or Arrive Outdoors

– most public campsites have running/drinking water, toilets and a private picnic table and fire ring for each site

– it is usually possible to purchase fire wood in the campground

– there are sometimes local restrictions on transferring of fruits and vegetables from Canada to the USA or vice versa (it is therefore not recommended to stock up with fruits and vegetables before the border crossing)

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טיטל קמפינגeating breakfast at the wonderful campground of the Needles district in Canyonlands National Park

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