Southwest USA

  • On this page you will find articles about South West USA and the wilderness and diverse beauty of the states of Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado and Nevada, in which vast deserts and high mountains stand side by side.

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  • Zion National Park

    Deep flowing canyons, carved by water in a red sandstone landscape await those visiting Zion National Park – one of the hallmarks of the American Southwest, and perhaps one of the most impressive national parks in the world. Both of the park’s two areas, Kolob Canyons and Zion Canyon offer unique experiences – from hiking to canyoneering tours.

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  • Bryce Canyon National Park

    High on the Colorado Plateau, Bryce Canyon National Park is most famous for its iconic stone spires named hoodoos. The park offers a glimpse into unique landscape with surprising rock formations creating a desert wonderland.

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  • Grand Canyon National Park

    With the mighty Colorado flowing almost a mile below its rim, the Grand Canyon is probably the most famous of its kind in the world. The park is divided into two main sectors, the North , and South Rims which are, despite their short aerial distance, a three hour’s drive apart. The Grand Canyon is one of the world’s most visited National Parks, and rightfully so. Stellar views of one of nature’s grandest formations await those visiting the park.

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  • Canyonlands National Park

    With unfathomable expanses, and area that might have never been trodden by man, Canyonlands National Park is by far Utah’s largest national park, and one of the most beautiful parks in the Unite States. Large parts of the park are un-accessible to the average visitor, but some are accessed with ease, allowing one to experience unparalleled wild nature and enjoy the park’s superb hiking trails.

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  • Monument Valley

    Marking the border between Arizona and Utah, Monument Valley is best known for the towering red stone buttes which stand isolated in the valley’s center. While not a national park, the valley nevertheless surpasses the beauty of many national parks. The valleys hallmark are of course the iconic sandstone buttes towering over the desert plains.

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  • Selected Hikes in the Southwest

    Hiking is the best way to experience the extraordinary beauty of the American Southwest. Read about some selected, particularly beautiful and highly recommended hiking trails throughout this unique region.

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  • Antelope Canyon

    A short overview of everything you need to know before visiting the iconic Antelope Canyon. Be sure to book your tour well in advance!

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